Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) Courses List & Job Roles

pmkvy course list

List of Courses under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is a skill-based training scheme started by the government of India.

Under the PMKVY 2.0 scheme, Indian nationals can join skill-based training courses and pursue an education free of cost.

This training will be provided in different industrial verticals through authorized training centers under PMKVY 2.0 scheme.

Following is a complete list consists of different industry verticals and a number of courses that come under the PMKVY 2.0 scheme. Source

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Agriculture Sector Skill Council of India:

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Agriculture Extension ExecutiveGR/Q76026
Agriculture Extension Service ProviderAGR/Q76014
Animal Health WorkerAGR/Q48043
Artificial Insemination TechnicianAGR/Q48033
Bamboo GrowerAGR/Q61014
Banana FarmerAGR/Q02014
Bee KeeperAGR/Q53013
Broiler Farm WorkerAGR/Q43023
Chillies CultivatorAGR/Q09014
Citrus Fruit GrowerAGR/Q03034
Coffee Plantation WorkerAGR/Q08012
Community Service ProviderAGR/Q76034
Cotton CultivatorAGR/Q02024
Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur Level 4AGR/Q05024
Dairy WorkerAGR/Q05012
Floriculturist (Open Cultivation)AGR/Q06014
Floriculturist (Open Cultivation) Level 4AGR/Q02054
Floriculturist-Protected cultivationAGR/Q02064
Friends of Coconut TreeAGR/Q05043
Green House FitterAGR/Q03024
Harvesting Machine Operator Level 4AGR/Q10024
Hatchery Production Worker – FisheryAGR/Q49015
Mango GrowerAGR/Q03024
Marine Capture FishermanAGR/Q50014
Micro Irrigation TechnicianAGR /Q75024
Neera TechnicianAGR/Q05053
Organic grower Level 4AGR/Q12014
Paddy Farmer Level 4AGR/Q01014
Quality Seed GrowerAGR/Q71014
Seed Processing WorkerAGR/Q71023
Shrimp FarmerAGR/Q49024
Solanaceous Crop CultivatorAGR/Q06024
Solar Pump TechnicianAGR/Q67014
Soyabean CultivatorAGR/Q01034
Sugarcane Cultivator Level 4AGR/Q02034
Supply Chain Field AssistantAGR/Q78014
Tea Plantation WorkerAGR/Q02042
Tractor operatorAGR/Q04014
Tuber Crop CultivatorAGR/Q05034
Warehouse WorkerAGR/Q78023
Wheat Cultivator Level 4AGR/Q01024

Apparel, Made-ups & Home Furnishing:

Apparel, Made-ups & Home Furnishing
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Advance Pattern Maker (CAD-CAM) Level 5AMH/Q11016
Assistant Designer- Home FurnishingAMH/Q12204
Assistant Designer- Made upsAMH/Q12304
Assistant Fashion DesignerAMH/Q12104
Boutique ManagerAMH/Q19107
Cutting SupervisorAMH/Q06105
Embroidery Machine Operator Level 4AMH/Q08014
Export AssistantAMH/Q16014
Export Executive Level 5AMH/Q16025
Export Manager Level 6AMH/Q16036
Fabric CheckerAMH/Q01014
Fabric CutterAMH/Q15104
Factory Compliance AuditorAMH/Q22016
Fashion Designer Level 5AMH/Q12015
Framer-Computerized Embroidery Machine Level 4AMH/Q13014
Garment Cutter-CAMAMH/Q15014
Hand Embroiderer (Addawala)AMH/Q10103
Industrial Engineer (IE) ExecutiveAMH/Q20016
Inline CheckerAMH/Q0102NIL3
Layer ManAMH/Q0201NIL3
Line Supervisor StitchingAMH/Q06015
Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Sewing Machine) Level 5AMH/Q19015
Measurement CheckerAMH/Q0103NIL4
Merchandiser – Made-ups & Home FurnishingAMH/Q09115
Merchandiser Level 5AMH/Q09015
Online Sample DesignerAMH/Q12157
Pattern MasterAMH/Q11055
Processing Supervisor -Dyeing and PrintingAMH/Q06155
Production Supervisor (Sewing)AMH/Q21015
Q C Executive-Sewing LineAMH/Q14015
Quality AssessorAMH/Q17014
Record KeeperAMH/Q19204
Sampling Coordinator Level 5AMH/Q18015
Sampling TailorAMH/Q07014
Self Employed Woman-TailoringAMH/Q19474
Sewing Machine OperatorAMH/Q03014
Sewing Machine Operator- KnitsAMH/Q03054
Sourcing ManagerAMH/Q09207
Specialized Sewing Machine OperatorAMH/Q23014
Store KeeperAMH/Q05013
Washing Machine OperatorAMH/Q18104

Automotive Skill Devlopment Skill Council :

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Accessory Fitter Level 4ASC/Q11024
Auto Body Technician Level 3ASC/Q14103
Auto Body Technician Level 4ASC/Q14054
Auto Component Assembly FitterASC/Q37014
Automotive Service Technician Level 3ASC/Q14013
Automotive Service Technician Level 4ASC/Q14024
Automotive Body Painting Technician Level 3ASC/Q33033
Automotive Electrician Level 4ASC/Q14084
Automotive Painting Technician Level 4ASC/Q33044
Automotive Paint shop AssistantASC/Q33022
Automotive Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers) Level 4ASC/Q14114
Casting Technician Level 3ASC/Q32023
Casting Technician- Sand MouldingASC/Q32054
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L4ASC/Q35034
Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4ASC/Q97034
Customer Relation Executive Level 4ASC/Q11064
Customer Relationship ManagerASC/Q11047
Driving Assistant Level 2ASC/Q97012
Executive Proto ManufacturingASC/Q65014
Forging OperatorASC/Q45014
Foundry Assistant/ Casting AssistantASC/Q32012
Fuel Service Dispensing Attendant Level 2ASC/Q96042
Home Installer/Home delivery ManagerASC/Q10066
Lathe OperatorASC/Q19014
Light Commercial Vehicle driver Level 3ASC/Q97043
LMV Driver Level 3ASC/Q97023
Loading and Unloading Executive Level 1ASC/Q61011
Loading and Unloading Operator/Loader Level 2ASC/Q61012
Machining Assistant Level 2ASC/Q35022
Maintenance Technician- Service WorkshopASC/Q16014
Packing Executive/Packing Assistant/PackerASC/Q61022
Parts Picker Level 3ASC/Q61033
Plastic Moulding Operator/TechnicianASC4
Plastic Moulding SupervisorASC/Q44034
Plastic Moulding Technician Level 4ASC/Q44014
Press Shop helperASC/Q34012
Press Shop Operator Level 4ASC/Q34024
PUC AttendantASC/Q96012
QC Inspector Level 3ASC/Q63013
Repair – WelderASC/Q19024
Repair Painter- Auto body L 3ASC/Q14073
Repair Painter Auto body L4ASC/Q14064
Sales Consultant (Automotive finance)ASC/Q20014
Sales consultant (Institutional Sales)ASC/Q10056
Sales Consultant Level 4ASC/Q10014
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services)ASC/Q10044
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services) Level 4ASC/Q10044
Sales Officer (Auto Components)ASC/Q17014
Service AdvisorASC/Q16026
Service Technician 2 Wheeler Level 4ASC/Q14114
Showroom Hostess Level 3ASC/Q11033
Spare Parts Operations Executive Level 3ASC/Q15013
Taxi Driver Level 4ASC/Q97054
Tele callerASC/Q11054
Tyre Inflation AttendantASC/Q96032
Vehicle Assembly Fitter/ TechnicianASC/Q36014
Vehicle test DriverASC/Q84025
Warranty Processor Level 4ASC/Q16034
Washer Level 2ASC/Q11012
Welding AssistantASC/Q31012
Welding SupervisorASC/Q31045
Welding Technician Level 3ASC/Q31023
Welding Technician Level 4ASC/Q31034

Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council:

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant BeauticianBWS/Q01013
Assistant Beauty/Wellness ConsultantBWS/Q40013
Assistant Hair StylistBWS/Q02013
Assistant Nail TechnicianBWS/Q04013
Assistant Spa TherapistBWS/Q10013
Beauty TherapistBWS/Q01024
Hair StylistBWS/Q02024
Pedicurist & ManicuristBWS/Q01023

BFSI Sector Skill Council of india:

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Accounts Executive – Accounts Payable and ReceivableBSC/Q09014
Accounts Executive – PayrollBSC/Q12014
Accounts Executive – Recording and ReportingBSC/Q10014
Accounts Executive – Statutory ComplianceBSC/Q11014
Business Correspondent & Business facilitatorBSC/Q03013
Debt Recovery AgentBSC/Q07014
Equity Dealer Level 4Q02014
Life Insurance AgentBSC/Q01014
Loan Approval Officer Level 4Q04014
Mutual Fund AgentQ06014

Capital Goods and Skill Council

Capital Goods
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02022
CNC Operator – Grinding Machine Centre Level 3CSC/Q01173
CNC Operator – TurningCSC/Q01153
CNC Operator – Vertical Machining CentreCSC/Q01163
CNC ProgrammerCSC/Q04014
CNC Setter cum operator – TurningCSC/Q01204
Draughtsman – PipingCSC/Q05094
Fitter – Electrical and Electronic Assembly Level 3CSC/Q03053
Fitter – FabricationCSC/Q03032
Fitter Electrical and Electronic AssemblyCSC/Q03053
Fitter Mechanical AssemblyCSC/Q0304
Flux cored arc welder (Semi-Automatic)CSC/Q02053
Grinder – Hand and hand held power toolsCSC/Q03022
Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02043
Manual Metal Arc Welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding Level 3CSC/Q04013
Metal Inert Gas / Gas Metal Arc Welder (MIG/GMAW)CSC/Q02094
Operator – Boring MachineCSC/Q01072
Operator – Conventional MillingCSC/Q01082
Operator – Conventional Surface Grinding MachinesCSC/Q01092
Operator – Conventional TurningCSC/Q01102
Production EngineerCSC/Q12015
Senior Manual Metal Arc WelderCSC/Q02084
Sheet Metal Worker – Hand Tools and Manually Operated MachinesCSC/Q03012
Tool and Die Maker Level 4CSC/Q01044
Tungsten Inert Gas Welder Level 5CSC/Q02135

Counstruction Skill Devlopment Council Of India

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Bar Bender & Fixer Level 2CON/Q02022
Assistant Electrician-Level 3CON/Q06023
Assistant Laboratory & Field Technician Level 2CON/Q04022
Assistant Mason Level 2CON/Q01022
Assistant Painter & Decorator Level 2CON/Q05022
Assistant Scaffolder level 2CON/Q03032
Assistant Shuttering CarpenterCON/Q03022
Bar Bender and Steel FixerCON/Q02033
Carpenter SystemCON/Q03043
Helper Bar Bender & Fixer Level 1CON/Q02011
Helper Carpenter Shuttering & Scaffolding Level 1CON/Q/03011
Helper ElectricianCON/Q06011
Helper Laboratory & Field Technician Level 1CON/Q04011
Helper MasonCON/Q01011
Helper Painter & Decorator Level 1CON/Q05011
Mason Concrete Level 3CON/Q01053
Mason General Level 3CON/Q01033
Mason Marble Granite and StoneCON/Q01064
Mason Tiling Level 3CON/Q01043
Reinforcement FitterCON/Q02044

Electronic Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Access Controls Installation TechnicianELE/Q46084
CCTV Installation TechnicianELE/Q46054
DAS Set Top Box Installation & Service TechnicianELE/Q81014
Field Engineer TVELE/Q31084
Field Engineer-RACW Level 5ELE/Q31055
Field Technician Air Conditioner Level 4ELE/Q31024
Field Technician Computing and Peripherals Level 4ELE/Q46014
Field Technician-Networking and StorageELE/Q46064
Field Technician-UPS and InverterELE/Q72014
Installation Technician (Computing & Peripherals)ELE/Q46094
LED Light Repair TechnicianELE/Q93024
Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianELE/Q81044
Module Assembly TechnicianELE/Q58014
Module Soldering OperatorELE/Q58024
Pick & Place Operator Level 4ELEQ/51024
Purchase ExecutiveELE/Q57015
PV System Maintenance TechnicianELE/Q60014
Sales ExecutiveELE/Q56015
Service EngineerELE/Q46075
Solar Panel Installation TechnicianELE/Q59014
Solar PV System Installation EngineerELE/Q59025
Wireman Control PanelELE/Q73023

Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)

Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Lab Technician – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070064
Baking TechnicianFIC/Q50054
Baking Technician/Operative Level 4FIC/Q30054
Butter and Ghee Processing OperatorFIC/Q20034
Cold Storage TechnicianFIC/Q70044
Craft BakerFIC/Q 50024
Craft Baker Level 4FIC/Q30024
Dairy Processing Equipment OperatorFIC/ Q20024
Fish and Sea Food Processing TechnicianFIC/Q40014
Fruit Pulp Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01064
Fruit Ripening TechnicianFIC/Q01044
Fruits and Vegetables Canning TechnicianFIC/Q01074
Fruits and Vegetables Drying/ Dehydration TechnicianFIC/Q01054
Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-ChargeFIC/Q01083
Grain Mill OperatorFIC/Q10034
Ice Cream Processing TechnicianFIC/ Q20044
Jam Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01034
Mixing TechnicianFIC/ Q50044
Mixing Technician Level 4FIC/Q30044
Pickle Making TechnicianFIC/Q01024
Plant Biscuit Production SpecialistFIC/Q50034
Plant Biscuit Production Specialist Level 4FIC/Q30034
Pulse Processing TechnicianFIC/Q10044
Purchase Assistant – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070054
Squash and Juice Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01014

Furniture & Fittings Skill Council

Furniture & Fittings
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Carpenter Wooden Furniture2
Carpenter Wooden Furniture4
Fitter- Modular Furniture4
Lock Technician4

Gem and Jewellery Skill Council Of India

Gem and Jewellery
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Cast & Diamonds-set Jewellery Manufacturing CAD Designer Level 4G&J/Q23034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – CAD DesignerG&J/Q23034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Casting Machine OperatorG&J/Q28014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Filer and AssemblerG&J/Q29013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Casting Machine OperatorG&J/Q28014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Filer and AssemblerG&J/Q29013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Hand sketch Designer (Basic)G&J/Q23033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Jewellery PolisherG&J/Q30013
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Merchandiser DesignG&J/Q23026
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Metal Setter (Basic)G&J/Q31033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – PlaterG&J/Q32014
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Rubber Mould MakerG&J/Q26034
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Piece MakerG&J/Q26024
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Setter (Basic)G&J/Q27033
Cast and diamonds-set jewellery – Wax Tree MakerG&J/Q26013
Diamond Processing – Bottom PolisherG&J/Q47033
Diamond Processing – Polished Grader and Assorter (Advanced)G&J/Q49024
Diamond Processing – Polished Grader and Assorter (Basic)G&J/Q49093
Diamond Processing Bottom Polisher Level 3G&J/Q47033
Gemstone Processing – Facet MakerG&J/Q67073
Gemstone Processing – Final Shaper and CalibratorG&J/Q66034
Gemstone Processing – PolisherG&J/Q67073
Gemstone Processing – PreshaperG&J/Q66023
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Goldsmith – ComponentsG&J/Q06063
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Goldsmith – FrameG&J/Q06064
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – Polisher and CleanerG&J/Q07013
Handmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery – SetterG&J/Q08023
Jewellery Retail – Appraiser and ValuerG&J/Q85025
Jewellery Retail – Floor ManagerG&J/Q83045
Jewellery Retail – Jewellery Retail Sales Associate (Advanced)G&J/Q83035
Jewellery Retail – Jewellery Retail Sales Associate (Basic)G&J/Q83034
Jewellery Retail – Store ManagerG&J/Q82026

Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council

Handicrafts and Carpet
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Abrasion Machine OperatorHCS/Q23034
Acid CleanerHCS/Q30014
Agarbatti PackerHCS/Q80023
Agarbatti Perfume ApplicatorHCS/Q80013
Automatic Machine Rolled Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79034
Automatic Stick Making M/C OperatorHCS/Q78034
Ball Maker / Ball CoolerHCS/Q22023
Bamboo Artwork MakerHCS/Q87073
Bamboo Basket MakerHCS/Q87043
Bamboo Mat WeaverHCS/Q87023
Bamboo Processor and DyerHCS/Q87014
Bamboo Utility Handicraft AssemblerHCS/Q87053
Bamboo Utility Product TailorHCS/Q87063
Brushing OperatorHCS/Q45024
Carpet Final InspectorHCS/Q56015
Carving ArtisanHCS/Q15023
Casting OperatorHCS/Q28014
Casting Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q06014
Clipper & EmbosserHCS/Q54044
Color Cut & Carpet repairer (Rang Katawaala)HCS/Q54053
Colour Mixing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q08013
Computer DesignerHCS/Q52025
Crochet Lace Maker- AccessoriesHCS/Q77023
Crochet Lace Maker- ApparelHCS/Q77033
Crochet Lace Maker- FurnishingsHCS/Q77013
Crochet Lace TailorHCS/Q77053
Cutting operatorHCS/Q23014
Design Marker / SupervisorHCS/Q15015
Designer & SketcherHCS/Q52014
Drill Machine OperatorHCS/Q15034
Embossing ArtisanHCS/Q29014
Engobing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q07013
Embossing ArtisanHCS/Q29014
Engobing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q07013
Engraving ArtisanHCS/Q29024
Etching Machine OperatorHCS/Q24024
Filing ArtisanHCS/Q29073
Final Product Maker QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q11023
Floor supervisor (Ceramics)HCS/Q01015
Furnace OperatorHCS/Q21014
Furnace Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q09014
Glazing operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q08033
Hammering ArtisanHCS/Q29082
Hand Rolled Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79013
Handloom Weaver (Carpets)HCS/Q54123
Handmade Bamboo Agarbatti Stick MakerHCS/Q78013
Handmade Bamboo Stick MakerHCS/Q87033
Inlay ArtisanHCS/Q29034
Inlay Artisan (Stoneware)HCS/Q15043
Inspection OperatorHCS/Q32014
Jigger operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q05013
Lab assistant (Ceramics)HCS/Q10024
Latexing ManHCS/Q54024
Layer Oven OperatorHCS/Q21024
Loom supervisor- Knotted CarpetsHCS/Q54105
Master Crochet Lace MakerHCS/Q77044
Mixing Machine OperatorHCS/Q20014
Mixing Operator (Ceramics)HCS/Q03013
Modeller (Ceramics)HCS/Q02014
Moulder (Ceramics)HCS/Q04013
Paper Mache Art DesignerHCS/Q45064
Paper Mache Art PromoterHCS/Q46016
Pedal-operated M/C Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79023
Piercer & MatcherHCS/Q54064
Press ManHCS/Q22014
Quality Check Technician (Ceramics)HCS/Q10014
Quality Checker (Stoneware)HCS/Q16014
Quality Checker QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q12014
Quality SupervisorHCS/Q55015
Rubbing OperatorHCS/Q45034
Sakhta – KharadiHCS/Q44034
Sakhta – Paper PulpHCS/Q44014
Semi-Mechanized Bamboo Stick MakerHCS/Q78023
Shade SupervisorHCS/Q52034
Shade WriterHCS/Q52043
Sieving Artisan (Ceramics)HCS/Q07023
Silver Coating TechnicianHCS/Q24014
Sketching and Painting Artisan (Ceramics)HCS/Q08024
Stamping OperatorHCS/Q28024
Stone Cutter (Cutting Machine Operator)HCS/Q14023
Stone Grinder (Grinding Machine Operator)HCS/Q14033
Stringing Artisan QP (Fashion Jewellery)HCS/Q11012
Threading / Drilling OperatorHCS/Q29064
Tufted Weaving SupervisorHCS/Q54115
Tufting Gun MasterHCS/Q54094
Turner (Stoneware)HCS/Q14043
Yarn OpenerHCS/Q50013

Healthcare Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Blood Bank Technician Level 4HSS/Q28014
Cardiac Care Technician Level 4HSS/Q01014
Dental AssistantHSS/Q24014
Diabetes Educator Level 4HSS/Q87014
Dialysis Technician Level 4HSS/Q27014
Diet AssistantHSS/Q52014
Emergency Medical Technician – AdvancedHSS/Q23025
Emergency Medical Technician-BasicHSS/Q23014
GDA ( General Duty Assistant) Level 4HSS/Q51014
Histotechnician Level 5HSS/Q04015
Home Health Aide Level 4HSS/Q51024
Medical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment)HSS/Q56013
Medical Laboratory TechnicianHSS/Q03014
Medical Records & health Information TechnicianHSS/Q55014
Pharmacy AssistantHSS/Q54014
Phlebotomy TechnicianHSS/Q05013
Radiology Technician Level 4HSS/Q02014
Refractionist Level 4HSS/Q30024
Vision Technician Level 4HSS/Q30014

Indian Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council

Indian Iron and Steel
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Battery Anchorage RegulatorISC/Q02024
Bearing MaintenanceISC/Q00173
Belt Conveyor MaintenanceISC/Q08123
Cast House Junior OperatorISC/Q04062
Cast House Senior OperatorISC/Q04074
Coil Packaging Operator Rolling MillsISC/Q06023
Conveyor Operation and MaintenanceISC/Q09023
EOT – Overhead Crane OperatorISC / Q09013
EOT/ Overhead Crane OperatorISC/Q09013
Fitter : Hydraulic & Pneumatic SystemISC/Q09034
Fitter : Levelling Alignment BalancingISC/Q08143
Fitter Electrical AssemblyISC/Q10013
Fitter Maintenance: Ferro AlloysISC/Q55013
Fluid Management Operator Rolling MillsISC/Q06034
Heating RegulatorISC/Q02034
House Keeping with Mechanised Equipment’sISC/Q04082
Iron & Steel – Dumper OperatorISC/Q00033
Iron & Steel – Excavator OperatorISC/Q00043
Iron & Steel – Fitter – InstrumentationISC/Q11023
Iron & Steel – Fitter Electrical AssemblyISC/Q10013
Iron & Steel – Fitter Electronic AssemblyISC/Q11013
Iron & Steel – MachinistISC/Q08023
Iron & Steel – Plasma Cutter – ManualISC/Q08064
Iron & Steel – Tungsten Inert Gas Welder (GTAW)ISC/Q08074
Laboratory Technician – Physical AnalysisISC/Q08013
Locomotive DriverISC/Q00064
Manual Packaging & Marking OperationsISC/Q07042
Marker and Signage PainterISC/Q09132
Mobile equipment MaintenanceISC/Q08153
Mobile Equipment OperatorISC/Q00153
Refractory Bricks LayerISC/Q12013
Reversing System MaintenanceISC/Q02042
Rigger : Rigging of Heavy MaterialISC/Q08173
Screen & Crusher Operator Level 3ISC/Q01023
Stacker / Reclaimer OperatorISC/Q01043
Stoking Car Operator3
Technician Furnace Transformer: Ferro AlloysISC/Q11034
Utility HandISC/Q04101

Indian Plumbing Skill Council

Indian Plumbing
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Plumber (General)PSC/Q01043
Plumber (General) – IIPSC/Q01104
Plumber General Assistant Level 2PSC/Q01022
Plumber General Helper Level 1PSC/Q01011
Plumber General Level 3PSC/Q01043
Plumbing Products Sales Assistant Level 2PSC/Q03033
Plumbing Products Sales Assistant Level 2PSC/Q03012
Plumbing Products Sales Officer Level 3PSC/Q03023

Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council

Infrastructure Equipment
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Backhoe Loader OperatorIES/Q02014
Compactor Operator Level 4IES/Q01064
Concrete Pump OperatorIES/Q01074
Crawler Crane OperatorIES/Q01104
Excavator OperatorIES/Q01034
Hydra Crane OperatorIES/Q01084
Junior Backhoe OperatorIES/Q02023
Junior Excavator OperatorIES/Q01044
Junior Mechanic (Electrical /Electronics /Instrumentation)IES/Q11063
Junior Mechanic (Engine)IES/Q11024
Junior Mechanic (Hydraulic)IES/Q11043
Junior Operator CraneIES/Q01114
Mechanic (Electrical /Electronics /Instrumentation)IES/Q11055
Mechanic (Hydraulic)IES/Q11034
Mechanic (Engine)IES/Q11015
Supervisor (Plant & Machinery)IES/Q01017
Tyre Mounted Crane OperatorIES/Q01094
Wheel Loader OperatorIES/Q01054

IT/ITeS Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Associate-Customer Care (Non-Voice) Level 5SSC/Q22015
Collections Executive Level 4SSC/Q22144
CRM Domestic Non-Voice Level 4SSC/Q22114
CRM Domestic Voice Level 4SSC/Q22104
Domestic Bio-metric Data Operator Level 4SSC/Q22134
Domestic Data Entry Operator Level 4SSC/Q22124
Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant Level 4SSC/Q01104
Engineer Trainee Level 7SSC/Q42027
Junior Software Developer Level 4SSC/Q05084
Technical Support Executive-Non VoiceSSC/Q72015

Leather Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Cutter- FootwearLSS/Q32014
Cutter-Goods & GarmentsLSS/Q61034
Drum OperatorLSS/Q07014
Finishing Operator Level 4LSS/Q08034
Fleshing Operator Level 4LSS/Q01014
Helper – Bottom Making(Footwear) Level 2LSS/Q33012
Helper – Dry Operation(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/Q01012
Helper – Finished Operations(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/05012
Helper – Finishing Process(Leather Goods & Garments) Level 2LSS/Q62012
Helper – Finishing(Footwear) Level 4LSS/Q34014
Helper – Parts Making(Leather Goods & Garments) Level 2LSS/Q61022
Helper – Uppers Making(Footwear) Level 2LSS/Q31012
Helper – Wet Operations(Finished Leather) Level 2LSS/Q04012
Helper-upper Making Level 2LSS/Q33012
Lasting Operator Level 4LSS/N38014
Lasting Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N38014
Moulding Operator Level 4LSS/N91014
Moulding Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N91014
Post Tanning Operator(Finished Leather) Level 4LSS/Q09014
Pre Assembly Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N36014
Shaving OperatorLSS/Q03014
Skiving Operator(Footwear) Level 4LSS/N37014
Splitting – Sammying Operator(Finished Leather) Level 4LSS/Q08014
Stitcher (Footwear) Level 4LSS/N35014
Stitcher (Goods & Garments)LSS/Q61014
Stitching Operator (Footwear)LSS/Q35014

Life Sciences Sector Skill Council

Life Sciences
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Medical Sales RepresentativeLFS/Q04014

Logistics Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4LSC/Q11094
Consignment Booking AssistantLSC/Q11203
Consignment Tracking ExecutiveLSC/Q11213
Courier Delivery ExecutiveLSC/Q30233
Data Entry Operator Level 3LSC/Q23063
Documentation AssistantLSC/Q11224
Forklift OperatorLSC/Q21014
Goods Packaging Machine OperatorLSC/Q22164
Inventory ClerkLSC/Q21083
Kitting and LabellingLSC/Q23042
Loading SupervisorLSC/Q23143
Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Maintenance TechnicianLSC/Q23154
Reach Truck OperatorLSC/Q21114
Receiving AssistantLSC/Q21123
Transport ConsolidatorLSC/Q11194
Transport CoordinatorLSC/Q11184
Warehouse BinnerLSC/Q21053
Warehouse Claims CoordinatorLSC/Q21174
Warehouse PackerLSC/Q23033
Warehouse PickerLSC/Q21023
Warehouse Quality CheckerLSC/Q23133
Warehouse SupervisorLSC/Q23075

Media and Entertainment Skill Council

Media and Entertainment
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Character DesignerMES/Q05024
Clean-up ArtistMES/Q05063
Colour Key ArtistMESQ05053
Layout DesignerMES/Q05034
Lighting ArtistMES/Q04044
Make-up ArtistMES/Q18014
Production AssistantMES/Q28055
Rigging ArtistMESQ25024
Roto ArtistMES/Q35044
Set CarpenterMESQ31033
Set PainterMES/Q31043
Set PlastererMES/Q31063
Sound AssistantMESQ34033
Sound DesignerMES/Q34015
Sound EditorMES/Q34044
Sound EngineerMES/Q34024
Storyboard ArtistMES/Q05073
Texturing ArtistMES/Q25034
VFX EditorMES/Q35014
Voice-over ArtistMES/Q01014

Mining Sector Skill Council Of India

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Mine SurveyorMIN/Q04264
Data Entry OperatorMIN/Q04254
Dumper/Tipper Operator Level 4MIN/Q04034
Excavator OperatorMIN/Q04044
Grader OperatorMIN/Q04304
HEMM MechanicMIN/Q04334
Loader OperatorMIN/Q04074
Mazdoor/Helper Level 1MIN/Q04081
Mechanic / FitterMIN/Q04063
Mining Shot Firer/BlasterMIN/Q04284
Persons Handling Explosives Level 3MIN/Q04053
Rig Mounted Drill OperatorMIN/Q04024
Safety OperatorMIN/Q04374
Sprinkler and Other Vehicle DriverMIN/Q04095
Wire Saw Operator Level 4MIN/Q04104

Power Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Consumer Energy Meter TechnicianPSS/Q01073
Distribution LinemanPSS/Q01024
Lineman Construction- DistributionPSS/Q01084
Senior Lineman- DistributionPSS/Q01035
Technical Helper (Distribution)PSS/Q01012

Retailers Association Skill COuncil Of India

Retailers Association
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Departmental Manager Level 6RAS/Q01066
Distributor SalesmanRAS/Q06044
Sales Associate Level 4RAS/Q01044
Store Ops AssistantRAS/Q01011
Team Leader Level 5RAS/Q01055
Trainee Associate Level 3RAS/Q01033

Rubber Skill Devlopment Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Autoclave Operator Level 4RSC/Q02104
Bicycle/Rickshaw Tyre Building Operator-Mono BandRSC/Q05014
Compression Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02054
Continuous Foaming Machine OperatorRSC/Q17064
Extruder Operator Level 4RSC/Q06224
Finishing operator – Non Tyre (Deflashing Inspection & Finishing)RSC/Q15024
Finishing operator – Tyre (Trimming Inspection & Finishing)RSC/Q15014
General Worker – Rubber PlantationRSC/Q61074
Injection Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02074
Internal Mixer Operator Level 4RSC/Q02014
Junior Rubber Technician Level 3RSC/Q08313
Latex Harvest Technician (Tapper)RSC/Q61034
Mill OperatorRSC/Q01014
Rubber Nursery BudderRSC/Q09354
Rubber Nursery Worker-GeneralRSC/Q09364
Rubber Product Assesmbler (Tyre Tube & Flap and other rubber products with end fittings)RSC/Q16043
Tyre / Tube repair (Tyre Care / Services)RSC/Q20024
Tyre Casing Inspection OperatorRSC/Q19014
Tyre Fitter Level 4RSC/Q20014
Tyre Moulding Operator Level 4RSC/Q02114

Security Sector Skill Devlopment Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Armed Security GuardSSS/Q02014
Armed Security GuardSKS/Q02014
Security SupervisorSSS/Q03015
Unarmed Security GuardSSS/Q01014
Unarmed Security GuardSKS/Q01014

Skill Council Of Green Jobs

Green Jobs
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Solar Pv Installer – CivilSGJ/Q01034
Solar Pv Installer – ElectricalSGJ/Q01024
Solar Pv Installer (Suryamitra)SGJ/Q01014
Wastewater Treatment Plant HelperSGJ/Q66023
Wastewater Treatment Plant TechnicianSGJ/Q66014

Sports Sector Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Fitness TrainerSPF/Q11024
Sports CoachSPF/Q11015
Sports MasseurSPF/Q11034

Telecom Sector Skill Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Broadband TechnicianTEL/Q01024
Customer Care Executive (Call Centre) Level 4TEL/Q01004
Customer Care Executive (Relationship Centre)TEL/Q01014
Customer Care Executive (Repair Center) Level 4TEL/Q2200TEL/Q2200
Distributor Sales Rep Level 4TEL/Q21004
E-waste CollectorTEL/Q24003
Field Sales ExecutiveTEL/Q02004
Grass Root Telecom Provider (GRTP)TEL/Q62073
Handset Repair Engineer Level 2TEL/Q22014
In-Store Promoter Level 4TEL/Q21014
Optical Fiber Splicer Level 3TEL/Q64002
Tower Technician Level 4TEL/Q41004

 Textile Sector Skill Of Council

Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Autoconer TenterTSC/Q03014
Automatic Shuttle Loom OperatorTSC/Q22014
Balloon Squeezer Machine OperatorTSC/Q55014
Balloon Squeezer Machine Operator Level 4TSC/Q55014
Beam Carrier – LoaderTSC/Q26013
Blowroom OperatorTSC/Q01014
Calendaring Machine OperatorTSC/Q54024
Carding OperatorTSC/Q01024
Combing Operator Level 4TSC/Q01044
Combing Preparatory TenterTSC/Q01034
Compactor OperatorTSC/Q55034
Cone Winder Cum Pirn WinderTSC/Q73013
Cone Winding Operator – Manual & Assembly Winding Level 4TSC/Q03024
Continuous Range Operator Level 4TSC/Q51024
Drawframe OperatorTSC/Q01054
Drying Range Machine OperatorTSC/Q53024
Dyestuff & Chemical Preparation Operator Level 4TSC/Q52054
Fabric CheckerTSC/Q23014
Fabric MenderTSC/Q23023
Finishing Machine Operator (Zero-Zero/Compacting)TSC/Q54034
Fitter – Autoloom Weaving Machine Level 5TSC/Q24025
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: Air-JetTSC/Q24055
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: ProjectileTSC/Q24045
Fitter – Shuttleless Weaving Machine: RapierTSC/Q24035
Fitter – Spinning PreparatoryTSC/Q04015
Fitter Weaving PreparatoryTSC/Q24015
Fitter Weaving Preparatory Level 5TSC/Q24015
Fitter Spinning Preparatory Level 5TSC/Q04015
Fitter-Post SpinningTSC/Q04035
Fitter-Ring SpinningTSC/Q04025
Folding Machine OperatorTSC/Q56014
Hank DyerTSC/Q71014
Jigger Machine OperatorTSC/Q52014
Knitting Machine FitterTSC/Q42015
Knitting Machine Operator Warp KnittingTSC/Q41034
Knitting Machine Operator Circular KnittingTSC/Q41014
Knitting Machine Operator Flat Bed Knitting Level 4TSC/Q41024
Knotting Machine OperatorTSC/Q22054
Oiler – Weaving Machine Level 3TSC/Q24063
Open-End Spinning TenterTSC/Q02034
Package Dyeing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52034
Packing CheckerTSC/Q05014
Pirn Winding Machine OperatorTSC/Q22064
Printing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52044
Relax Dryer OperatorTSC/Q55024
Ring Frame DofferTSC/Q02023
Ring Frame TenterTSC/Q02014
Screen Preparatory OperatorTSC/Q52064
Shuttleless Loom Weaver – RapierTSC/Q22034
Shuttle-less Loom Weaver-AirjetTSC/Q22044
Shuttle-less Loom Weaver-ProjectileTSC/Q22024
Singeing & Desizing Machine OperatorTSC/Q51014
Size MixerTSC/Q21024
Sizing Machine OperatorTSC/Q21034
Soft Flow Dyeing Machine OperatorTSC/Q52024
Speed Frame Operator Tenter & DofferTSC/Q01064
Stenter OperatorTSC/Q54014
TFO TenterTSC/Q03034
Two Shaft Handloom WeaverTSC/Q72014
Warper – Direct Warping MachineTSC/Q21014
Washing Range OperatorTSC/Q53014

Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Boat Jetty In-chargeTHC/Q76013
Cleaner Carpet and ChairTHC/Q57034
Commi 1THC/Q04055
Commis ChefTHC/Q04064
Dishwasher- Manual and MachineTHC/Q27011
Food & Beverage CaptainTHC/Q03066
Food & Beverage Service-Steward Level 4THC/Q03014
Front Office AssociateTHC/Q01024
Guest House CaretakerTHC/Q05015
Home Delivery BoyTHC/Q29023
Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) Level 3THC/Q02033
Kitchen StewardTHC/Q04012
Laundry Machine OperatorTHC/Q02054
Meet & Greet OfficerTHC/Q01014
Multi-cuisine CookTHC/Q30064
Pest ControllerTHC/Q57044
Restaurant-Counter Sale ExecutiveTHC/Q29034
Room Attendant Level 4THC/Q02024
Sous ChefTHC/Q04037
Street Food Vendor – StandaloneTHC/Q30074
Tandoor CookTHC/Q30013
Ticketing ConsultantTHC/Q43025
Tour GuideTHC/Q45024
Trainee chefTHC/Q27023
Travel ConsultantTHC/Q44044
Travel Insurance ExecutiveTHC/Q43013
Visa Assistance ConsultantTHC/Q43034

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